Water Softeners in Australia

Water Softeners Suppliers

Domestic, commercial and industrial sectors can benefit from using water that has gone through the softening process. Water is considered ‘hard water’ when it contains a high level of calcium and magnesium minerals. This water contains various properties that you wouldn’t want in your body. The water softening process changes the water from hard to soft by removing these cations through an ion exchange process.

How is it different to reverse osmosis?

Unlike reverse osmosis, which rids water of dissolved particles and bacteria, water softening removes cations such as calcium and magnesium. There are various methods of water softening, most commonly involving the ion exchange process.

What are the benefits?

By drinking soft water, there are no intrinsic benefits to our bodies. The benefit lies in the way the water interacts with our household appliances.

Hard water leads to a build-up of limescale and can wreak havoc on your home or business’s plumbing pipes and all water using appliances. It can cause major clogging, which costs you time, money and inconvenience. You will also appreciate the aesthetic benefits of a spot free shower screen. An added benefit of these water softener units is that they are fixed to your piping system, and should you move to a new location, you can have it removed it and installed at your new premises.

Another benefit of soft water is its reaction to detergents and soap. Hard water does not allow soap to dissolve properly nor does it activate agents in detergents correctly. This will result in a lack of effectiveness of the products, and chances are, you will point the blame on the product and probably waste money changing your most loved brands. Contact us to test your water for you.

How can Allfilters assist?

We stock a range of water softener units and we provide installation services. If you’re unsure about what you need, we also complete onsite examinations as well as water analysis and reporting to ensure we design a water system solution that is suited to your unique requirements.

For excellent design, supply, installation and maintenance of water systems,contact the team Allfilters.